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If you have an emergency issue and is *not on your side of the meter you should contact your DNO OR 105. Emergency issues on *your side of the meter such as fire, water and accidental damage you should contact Alliance Contractors, on the following: 

Emergency Call-Outs:

01902 509 253

We aim to come out within 1-24 hours of notice depending on-the situation 

"Electricians you can trust!"- Alliance Contractors

Service Network Emergency


Regardless of your location should dial 105 from your device:

For other enquires of which Alliance Contractors cannot assist you with you should contact your DNO:

Scottish & Southern Electricity:

0800 048 3516

SP Energy Networks: 

Scotland: 0800 092 9290 

Wales: 0800 001 5400

Electricity North West:

0800 195 4141 

Northern Power-grid

0800 011 3332

UK Power Distribution 

0800 029 4285

Western Power Distribution

0800 096 3080

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